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My teaching is focused on cultivating musical excellence in committed students.  The emphasis is on developing musical insight, and an effective, healthy technique.  I engage my students as active participants in their own artistic growth.  Personal responsibility is central to our lessons.  I take a long view of piano study.  We are each on our own musical journey, with our own perspective, regardless of professional aspiration, age or skill level.


I offer personalized guidance and supervision to teachers of piano, with an interest in the specifics of technique and the relational aspects of teaching.  I have assisted many beginning teachers with specialized consultations on the practical, philosophical and psychological challenges of teaching.


Successful career development for the aspiring  musician is an outgrowth of cultivation of relationships, nurturing our inner artistic self, and planning.  Having a rational, systematic approach, rather than “luck”, is the key.

Applying to college in Music is more complicated that simply filling out the Common App and playing an audition.  For the college-bound student, structured reflection regarding artistic and career goals is the foundation for selecting the most appropriate college/conservatory.  Having a thoughtful plan of action is the other essential part of this consequential process.

As director of a preeminent pre-college program for well over a decade, I utilize both my experience and ongoing relationships in offering direction to students, regardless of instrument.  This aspect of my work is accessible to everyone, and a co-ordinated approach with a student’s current teacher is preferred.

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